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Bath Bathing

Bath, Bathing. This was a prescribed part of the Jewish ritual of purification in cases of accident, or of leprous or ordinary uncleanness, Lev. 15; 16:28; 22:6; Num. 19:7, 19; 2 Sam. 11:2, 4; 2 Kings 5:10; as also after mourning, which always implied defilement. Ruth 3:3; 2 Sam. 12:20. The eastern climate made bathing essential alike to health and pleasure, to which luxury added the use of perfumes. Esther 2:12; Judith 10:3; Susan. 17. The “pools,” such as that of Siloam and Hezekiah, 2 Kings 20:20; Neh. 3:15, 16; Isa. 22:11; John 9:7, often sheltered by porticos, John 5:2, are the first indications we have of public bathing accommodation.